Commit 2ef6ec76 authored by Rejo Zenger's avatar Rejo Zenger

Change of a phrase on the calling card.

parent 35c583c2
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ return array(
"meme.panel7.sub4" => "Personalise your message.",
"meme.panel7.sub5" => "Speaking to an assistant is just as effective.",
"meme.panel7.sub6" => "Be polite and be positive.",
"piphone.suggestedcall" => "We would like to suggest:",
"piphone.suggestedcall" => "For example, call",
"piphone.whathappensnext" => "After you hit the green button, you will be asked for your phone number so that we can call you back to establish a connection.",
"piphone.callfree" => "Call free",
"piphone.yournumberplease" => "We need your phone number to initiate the call.",
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ return array(
"meme.panel7.sub4" => "Een persoonlijk verhaal is het sterkst.",
"meme.panel7.sub5" => "Een assistent van een parlementslid is ook goed.",
"meme.panel7.sub6" => "Wees vrolijk en positief.",
"piphone.suggestedcall" => "Een goede suggestie:",
"piphone.suggestedcall" => "Bel bijvoorbeeld",
"piphone.whathappensnext" => "Nadat je op de groene knop hebt geklikt vragen we je om je telefoonummer. Daarna maken we een verbinding tussen jou en het parlementslid.",
"piphone.callfree" => "Bel gratis",
"piphone.yournumberplease" => "Om te bellen hebben we je nummer nodig.",
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