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* The master branch is automatically deployed to [](
* When contributing, your work should be based on the develop branch. See below for details.
* If you have the role "Developer", you may push and merge to the develop branch.
* Only role "Master" may push and merge to the master branch.
* Only role "Master" may merge to the master branch.
## Fixing issues
Normally, these are the steps:
......@@ -28,8 +28,12 @@ To add a translation do the following:
* Read above on how to contribute in general.
* Duplicate the en.php file in app/dict and let its basename be the two-letter code of your language.
* Replace the strings in the file.
* Add an icon of the country that represents the language to flags/
* Add an extra list item with the language in [templates/header.html](
* Create a merge request.
Alternativly, send the file with the translated strings to @rejozenger. Thanks!
# Communication channel
There is a mailinglist for those contributing to the website, savethememe-dev. You can subscribe [here](
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See [Contributing guide]( if you'd like to contribute.
## Planning
A soft launch is scheduled for early Tuesday March 7th.
## Installation
To install PiPhone, you need have `composer` installed. To actually install, you need to run `composer install` in main directory. Please be aware you will need to have a config.php with the API keys to the backend - which is hosted by LQDN.
To install, follow these steps:
* Clone the repository to the document root of your webserver.
* Create a tmp/ directory in the document root.
* Run `composer install` to download and install all necessary libraries.
* Add config.php to app/ with the credentials to the API of LQDN's PiPhone backend.
* Make sure you have [enabled Apache2's rewrite module](
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