Commit 756620e3 authored by Rejo Zenger's avatar Rejo Zenger

Made email address in Contact clickable.

parent d4f84b72
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ return array(
"piphone.arguments" => "Arguments",
"piphone.whattosay" => "Here are some arguments that can help you convince the member of parliament.",
"" => "Contact",
"about.contactdetails" => "You can reach us at",
"about.contactdetails" => "You can reach us at <a href=\"\"></a>.",
"about.credits" => "Credits",
"about.thanksalot" => "This site has been developed by <a href=\"\">Bits of Freedom</a>, with the help of numerous volunteers. It relies for a large part on the tool that was coded by <a href=\"\">La Quadrature du Net</a> which allows users to call members of parliament for free.",
"about.privacy" => "Privacy",
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ return array(
"piphone.arguments" => "Wat je kunt zeggen",
"piphone.whattosay" => "Hier zijn een paar argumenten die je kunnen helpen het parlementslid te overtuigen.",
"" => "Contact",
"about.contactdetails" => "We zijn bereikbaar op het e-mailadres",
"about.contactdetails" => "We zijn bereikbaar op het e-mailadres <a href=\"\"></a>.",
"about.credits" => "Credits",
"about.thanksalot" => "Deze website is ontwikkeld door <a href=\"\">Bits of Freedom</a>, met de fantastische hulp van vrijwilligers. De site is voor een groot deel gebaseerd op een tool van onze Franse collega's van <a href=\"\">La Quadrature du Net</a>. Daarmee kunnen internetters gratis parlementsleden bellen.",
"about.privacy" => "Privacy",
<section class="panel">
<div class="wrap">
<p class="meme-text">{{ }}</p>
<p class="other-text">{{ @about.contactdetails }}</p>
<p class="other-text">{{ @about.contactdetails | raw }}</p>
<p class="meme-text">{{ @about.credits }}</p>
<p class="other-text">{{ @about.thanksalot | raw }}</p>
<p class="meme-text">{{ @about.privacy }}</p>
<p class="other-text">{{ @about.privacypolicy }}</p>
<p class="other-text">{{ @about.privacypolicy | raw }}</p>
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