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Great! You will need an account on, or you can just sign in using GitHub. Once logged in, you can fork the project into your own account and edit and experiment all you want, without having to worry about the original repository. If you have a meaningful contribution, let us know by issuing a merge request to the 'develop' branch. You can contact for any questions and for developer access, so you can push commits to all branches (except master) and have everything deployed to, without having to deal with merge requests.
### Git branching model
TL;DR: developers push their commits into 'develop' or specific feature branches and merge them into 'release' to freeze the untested new functionality. Only bugfixes should be pushed to 'release' after the freeze. When 'release' has been sufficiently tested, it is merged into master with a release tag. Hotfixes should be pushed to 'hotfix' and merged into master with a second point release tag as soon as they are tested..
### Fonts
Because of licensing restrictions, the fonts we use for cannot be stored in the Git repository.
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