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Minor textual change to call to action.

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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ return array(
"meme.panel4.sub" => "(Article 13 of the proposed Copyright Directive must be deleted.)",
"meme.panel5.text" => "And you can be of a tremendous help!",
"meme.panel5.sub" => "Call a member of the European Parliament now – for free.",
"meme.panel6.text" => "Stand up for Copyright in the digital age!",
"meme.panel6.text" => "Click here and call! Stand up for copyright in the digital age.",
"meme.panel6.sub" => "Calling is easy, using Mozilla's excellent Change Copyright website.",
"meme.panel7.text" => "Tips",
"meme.panel7.sub1" => "A phone call is most effective.",
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