Commit 0ece04a8 authored by Rejo Zenger's avatar Rejo Zenger

Flags now are absolute links to language. Flags are now small.

parent 586a3dbe
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......@@ -217,10 +217,11 @@ h4{
margin-right: 20px;
.languages img {
height: 50px;
width: 90px;
display: inline-block;
margin-left: 15px;
height: 13px;
width: 23px;
display: inline-block;
margin-left: 15px;
box-shadow: 1px 1px 2px #ddd;
.languages li{
float: right;
......@@ -51,8 +51,8 @@
<ul class="languages">
<li class="nl"><img src="/flags/nl.png"></li>
<li class="de"><img src="/flags/de.png"></li>
<li class="en"><img src="/flags/en.png"></li>
<li class="en"><a href="/en"><img src="/flags/en.png"></a></li>
<li class="de"><a href="/de"><img src="/flags/de.png"></a></li>
<li class="nl"><a href="/nl"><img src="/flags/nl.png"></a></li>
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